Fonts In Use

We all love typography, sure, but where do you go to get help if you’re new to the game, or stuck on a project, or just bored with your font library? I came upon this website while a freshman in school and have been a daily visitor ever since.

Fonts In Use offers up thousands of contemporary and historical examples of great typography, really focusing on the mixing of font families and why they work, or don’t work, together. It is also a great resource for finding the work of new designers and design firms from all over the world, as each project has a direct link to the creator behind it. You can also browse examples of a specific font, allowing you to see the different lives a single font can live.

Everyone should check this site out, but I am hoping that students especially will find this site to be a valuable resource.

By AIGA | saltlakecity
Published December 16, 2013