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Coworking that inspires, connects and accelerates the growth of startups, teams and creatives.

26 S. Rio Grande St. Suite 2072


modern8 a brand design agency that consults and creates strategic programs for the most important touch points between our client and their customers: the position, the identity, and the expression — in other words, the brand.

We also really love music.

145 W 200 S 

Work Hive

Work Hive is a coworking community of makers, designers, and creators of all kinds. Since 2012, we’ve been helping freelancers, entrepreneurs, and go-getters take their work to the next level. Come build something great with us!

Infinite Scale

Design for Sport

16 Exchange Pl

NWL Architects

Naylor Wentworth Lund Architects is an experienced architecture and interior design firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

723 West Pacific Avenue, Suite 101

Super Top Secret

We’re a collective of creators, discoverers and doers. Armed to the teeth with the best writers, designers, strategists, developers, shooters, editors, and producers around, we specialize in forging big, beautiful, audacious solutions for our brand partners.

244 S Edison St

We Like Small

Our team has a passion for making things with real value. This has led us to assemble a multi-talented group that can do just about anything: from building sets to photographing food, crafting websites to developing apps, beautiful design to adventure cinematography. Designers, engineers, creatives, makers, developers, artists, unite.

252 S Edison St


We create innovative outdoor products and experiences that fund sustainable poverty relief, move people to do good, and inspire adventure.

74 Main Street


DATE: October 2nd 2018
TIME: 4:30-6:30 PM




Arch Nexus

Architectural Nexus is a multi-disciplinary, people-driven design firm practicing throughout the western United States. By focusing on people rather than buildings, we design projects and create places that not only work well, but also help people be healthy, happy, and productive. Through purposeful design, people are inspired to achieve greatness and be more active stewards of the built and natural environments.

We are, by design, creating and regenerating the world we in which we live.

2505 Parleys Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84109

Upwall Design

Upwall Design is a full service architectural firm specializing in the art of the custom home. It is “high-art”, to create a full scale, three dimensional structure that fits seamlessly into the landscape, that can withstand the extreme conditions imposed by nature, and still include all of the particular wishes and dreams of each individual family.

We are pioneers and true craftsmen of this new movement in mountain design. Founded in 1991, by Michael Upwall, the firm blends the art of hand sketching with the latest technology of computer aided design. We take deep pride in shepherding each individual clients’ dreams into reality, and continue to approach each home as a celebration of accomplishment, and an opportunity for a family’s memories.

1930 S 1100 E, SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84106

Method Studio

Method Studio is an award-winning architecture, planning, and design firm based in Salt Lake City’s urban core. The firm has expanded exponentially in its first 10 years: size, talent, and revenue-wise and now staffs over 80 professionals out of its three offices. Known for creative thought, and research-based design innovation, Method Studio values working with clients who share the philosophy that good design—and collaboration—creates meaningful places with a lasting impact.  In 2018 the firm was selected as “Best of State” for commercial architecture.

360 Aspen Avenue


DATE: October 3rd 2018
TIME: 4:30-6:30 PM




City Home Collective

We are realtors and designers, yes…but the sum of our collective can’t be reduced to titles. We are individuals stitched together by a love of our city and its spaces. We are advocates for loving who you love, what you love, and where you live.

645 E South Temple

Kilter Design

Kilterdesign is uniquely made up of Designers + Makers, with the idea that combining the two allows for greater opportunity to collaborate and practice in a more balanced way.  Starting with the name, out of kilter or off-kilter is out of balance, thus kilter is balance or good working condition. Kilterdesign is balanced design.

Kilterdesign is an architecture firm, a furniture-making company, and artist studio combined in a non-traditional way, it is all under one roof.  This collection of passionate designers, architects, artisans, craftspeople, project managers, sculptors, painters, and inventors infuse every project with a unique perspective and talent.  Established in 2000, as a research and design studio, our work ranges from product design, fine art and custom furniture to residential & small-scale commercial architecture, with a focus on contemporary and modern design.

325 W. 1700 South

Coast to Coast Studio

Coast To Coast Studio is a boutique branding studio located in the old Plandome Hotel. We believe in thoughtful, sustainable design, good beer, and commuting via Vespas.

75 E 400 S, Suite 301


Contravent is a Salt Lake-based digital creative agency specializing in making things better, cooler, and smarter for their clients and partners

916 S Main Street


Dinng is a digital, design & branding studio that isn′t afraid to believe in something

48 W Market St


DATE: October 4th, 2018
TIME: 4:30-6:30 PM


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