Work for Yo’self: A Freelancing Life Hack Workshop
Join us to learn about launching your freelance career! When the company we were working for folded 5-ish years ago, the job market was rough. When no job opportunities arose, we decided to start our own company. 5 years later, we’ve worked with awesome small companies locally, as well as global companies like Target, Google, and stella Artois. In this course we’ll share some 101 tips to starting your own freelance career in a low-risk, low-cost way. We offer a way to get into freelance without startup investors and with the least amount of risk as possible.
  1. Analyzing the pros and cons of freelance
  2. What you need to start: A simple checklist.
  3. Business Plan Outline: We’ll give attendees an outline to fill out to create their own
  4. Creating your Value Proposition Statement: A formula
  5. Pricing/Rates: Flat rate vs hourly (when to use either), setting your rates and knowing when to change them, calculating your hourly rate (a formula)
  6. Notes and tips on branding yourself
  7. Tips for free and cheap self promotion, and acquiring clients
  8. Making it official: What steps do you have to take at city, state and federal levels to be official?
  9. Taxes and Accounting: the basics, what forms do you need to have at the end of the year, tracking expenses and invoices, a free online accounting software recommendation.
  10. Speaking and Writing About Your Work Professionaly: Tips for better meetings, client feedback, and faster approvals.
  11. Systems and Procedures: suggestions on great apps to make your everyday life easier as a small business owner!
  12. Q&A session for final 10 minutes
  13. Plus, we’d give all attendees a free copy of our ebook “How to Start Your Own Design Business”. It’s 61 Pages of applicable tips, tricks, advice and resources to start your own successful small design business!
    • Links to download resources and sample documents
    • Boring step by step guides on how to set up your business legally (yes it’s boring, but they never teach you this in school!)
    • Tons of tips from two people who have started a successful small business
    • Suggestions for your job flow and organization so that you stay ahead and always get paid
    • Wisdom from other small business owners
    • Statistics on small businesses
    • Tons of great illustrations for the kind of readers who just look at the pretty pictures
    • The occasional typo or rambling sentence that makes this first edition rare and unique in 20 years!
  14. Discount code for our goods line
  15. Giveaway during workshop of Odds and Sods items.


Illustrations by Hoodzpah Design Co.

When & Where
Wed, Oct 19, 2016 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM MDT
Studio Elevn
435 West 400 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84101