Announcing the 2017 Salt Lake Design Week

Salt Lake Design Week expands the public awareness about design in our community.

The purpose of Salt Lake Design Week is to celebrate and promote the impact of design in Utah across all disciplines—graphic, digital, product, fashion, architecture, advertising, interior, marketing, and more. Salt Lake Design Week brings together professionals, students, entrepreneurs, educators and other members of the community, to inspire and collaborate with one another. An example of this is the breadth of our partnerships including: AIA, IDSA, SEGD, AAF, IIDA, IDXA, YAF, other Salt Lake City design groups, museums, businesses and schools. Salt Lake Design Week includes an opening reception, business and design forums, workshops, film screenings, studio tours, exhibitions, lectures, mixers, and culminates with an outstanding Design Week closing party.



Design week provides a forum for designers, business professionals, and the general public to interact, collaborate, and learn from each other, in order to build a stronger creative community. Since Salt Lake Design Week’s inception 5 years ago, it has engaged over 50,000 people and continues to be an overwhelming success. In addition to designers and business professionals, children and parents participate in events and workshops that inspire critical thinking. People love Design Week! In prior years, Design Week’s buzz has reached all the way across the pond to London due to our amazing social strategy. This level of exposure means your brand once aligned with Salt Lake Design Week will be remembered, talked about, and requested by those who appreciate great design.



OCT. 16- 21, 2017


Opening Reception, Specialized Lectures, Forums, Panels, Workshops, Mixers, Design Films, Studio Tours, Exhibitions, Community Events, and the Design Week Closing Party


Salt Lake and Utah Counties




By AIGA | saltlakecity
Published September 29, 2017